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There are two programs available.

Playschool and Preschool

Playschool Purpose

Through the Playschool Program, our children are provided with a loving and stimulating atmosphere guided by teachers who are attentive to the unique needs of young children.  They are encouraged to become comfortable interacting without their parents in an environment that is safe and loving.

Preschool Purpose

“Creative” and “developmentally appropriate” are the key words to our understanding of preschool curriculum.  Children have the world at their fingertips and love to explore and create with a variety of mediums.  Recognizing that children grow and mature at their own speed, activities are designed to encourage exploration of concepts and skills that are both challenging and age appropriate.

Our Curriculum

Teachers use a "theme-based" curriculum. They prepare a calendar at the beginning of each month that provide an overview of themes and concepts that will be presented. The curriculum is developed in conjunction with the Tennessee Early Childhood Early Learning Developmental Standards as outlined by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Activities include art, chapel, cooking, finger plays, games, social activities, language development, math, music, physical development, and more. Please see our Parent Handbook beginning with page 3. Download pdf here. (16 pgs)


Daily Before & After School Care

We do offer Before Care from 8 to 9 a.m. daily; and After Care from 2:30 to 4 p.m. from one to five days a week.

Before & After Care programs you have to enroll into.

We will allow children on a drop-in basis per availability, however, we prefer 24 hours notice for staffing purposes.

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