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BPC Early Education Program is a ministry of Bellevue Presbyterian Church, a PC USA congregation.

Bellevue Presbyterian Church launched the BPC Early Education Program in 1985 as a ministry to the Bellevue community. Our purpose—to offer families in the Bellevue community safe, loving childcare—has never wavered. As the years have gone by, the program has grown to offer so much more.

Play to Learn

We strive to give each child a natural transition from home to school. Child-centered play is the heart of our developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our teachers and aides serve as guides to learn by providing a variety of experiences that foster intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth.


Based in the Teachings of Christ's Love

We are a Christian program. Children experience Christ's love, acceptance, and forgiveness as modeled by our teachers and staff. God's love is abundant; we celebrate being children of God each and every day through Bible stories, prayer and song. Regardless of race, religion or culture, all are welcome and will experience these Christian activities daily.

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Lunch Requirements
Please make sure that you send in your child's lunch:
1 protein
1 fruit
1 vegetable
1 grain
We will provide 2% milk
We ask that lunches are sent in a reusable, bento-box container.

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